Monday, June 19, 2006


I didn't used to like wearing skirts that much, but have really fallen in love with them over the past couple of years especially with all of the pretty vintage looking fabrics out there. I keep meaning to make a pattern from some of my favorite skirts so that I can use some of the retro repro fabrics I find. I just took a book out of the library on this subject and hopefully it will help in that endeavor. The photo to the left is of a skirt I just bought on ebay. The brown satin ribbon is just above the hemline and the skirt comes to about mid-calf. Very cute and my favorite blue brown combo.

Kolya is going through a phase recently where he wants to be held constantly. I love holding him, but after a while my arms feel like they are going to fall off. I finally decided to buy a baby/toddler sling from Lucky Baby ( and it arrived today. I bought the cute one displayed on their homepage with a brown lining. I think they used an Alexander Henry fabric. They have a great sense of style and color at Lucky Baby as well as an incredible product.

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lamplight designs said...

I just found your blog...very fun and crafty! I love the brown and blue skirt with the brown trim. Simply beautiful!