Thursday, June 29, 2006

Funky Fabrics

I'm branching out - taking my timid design self to places I have never gone. :) I have an eye for design, but a very conservative one. I like patterns and designs that are safe and work - the tried and true. I don't mean the familiarity found in vintage designs, but rather taking that leap to combine colors, textures, designs, eras, concepts, etc. that one might not initially think would work together. I've always been afraid to try, but I'm feeling a little more daring and trying to challenge myself in that way. The background and bottom two fabrics are comfortable to me. They have their own boldness, but they are definitely in my comfort zone. The top four fabrics scream color and are definitely out of the comfort zone, but hopefully you will see them soon in my new daring design persona. Ah, I guess the first step is always recognition...

(Despite being the tried and true, I love this fabric combo and can't wait to make a cute little purse with which to stroll along the beach in the summertime.)

I have been busy crocheting too and experimenting with some patterns using what I have in my yarn stash. Having finally reorganized my studio, I found quite a bit of yarn that I had forgotten about. Here is a cute thin scarf of a nice length to wrap around a couple of times - cozy and cute. I'm desperate to wear it, but alas I will have to wait until Fall.

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