Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bouquets of Spring

The snow has been falling quietly off and on in the last week or so ... However, inside there have been daffodils, shortbread and tea. I have been treating myself to weekly bouquets of Spring and though I'm not nearly self-centered enough to think that they are hastening my part of the globe towards warmer weather...they certainly have not had the opposite effect...and they make me happy, which is good enough reason for me.

Life, germy** bugs, a little boy with enormous amounts of cooped-up winter energy, etc. have kept me quiet on the blog front, but don't despair...much is happening in the SimplyJune studio and we are happily preparing for our next show on March 24th with Online Store updates to follow soon after!

**When I was a little girl, I had a friend named Jeremy...who I inevitably in my toothless grin, little girl voice called "Germy". I frankly couldn't hear the difference and he never complained, but I can remember my mother frequently correcting this "subtlety"... anyway... I also had a friend named "Hairy"... I mean Harry...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine Goodies

Nikolai and I came home from playgroup the other day to find a bag of Valentine's goodies on our front porch from my dear friend Monica. I had to frame the card right away...my Lucas's likeness riding in a limo. The dress form photo holder just makes me giddy with happiness. I have been looking for a photo/card holder forever and finally gave into making my own simple version (shown on the right with part of my vintage Cavalier postcard collection). I can't wait to use the dress form to display one of my Petticoat Note Cards at our next show.

Preparations for our next show (Alliance for Children Multicultural Fair) continue to be under way. I have some beautiful fabrics coming in and the sewing machine is buzzing away...

We also had a lovely weekend with my best friend Carey... "Auntie Carey" to my Nikolai. We talked and ate... and ate and talked... and slept a little bit. Monica had remarked earlier in the week that she was so excited for me that my Oprah/Gail was coming to visit. However, Carey and I both decided we wanted to be Oprah....what to do but be each other's Oprah/Oprah?... Still trying to figure out how to move the states around to get Boston closer to DC...any ideas?

Monday, February 05, 2007

SimplyJune - Winter 2007 Newsletter

Our Winter 2007 Newsletter went out this weekend via e-mail. We featured recent press coverage, new products, upcoming events, a special coupon, crafty ideas, etc.

We also included a free pattern designed and written in our studio. If you did not receive our newsletter, sign up on our Mailing List or send us an e-mail.

Free Snowflake Scarf Crochet Pattern featured in our latest Newsletter

Visit again soon for shop updates and some great new tutorials!