Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Crazy Jayne's

I hope that you all had warm and peace-filled holidays! Our family stayed home and enjoyed the special time together...exchanging presents, eating goodies and experiencing the joy of Christmas through the eyes of a 3 year old!

Simply June is already hitting the ground running. I have so many ideas for the new year and so many new friends have been knocking on our doors with opportunities. We are so thankful!

The online shop is going to be updated soon with new items and some of the "old favorites". I'm doing a little research before I pick out my new umbrella photography lights...a gift from my parents for Christmas! I'm excited to take new product photos and get the shop up stocked.

Simply June goodies are soon to be found in other shops as well...stay tuned for more news on that!

If you are in the Boston area, stop by Crazy Jayne's who is now carrying our pre-K and children's wipe-clean aprons! The proprietress, Gretchen, is absolutely delightful as is the whole atmosphere of her shop. You absolutely have to go in and take a peek.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Deck the Halls

I'm still here! We recently finished up a successful holiday season of craft shows and then jumped right into our own holiday merriment...decorating our digs, baking cookies, spending time with friends, tearing open presents that have been arriving on our doorstep daily... I have so many things to share and can't wait to fill you in on all of the happenings at SimplyJune.

I decked our halls this week with some new "Merry Christmas" banners that I made and gave some to friends to spread the cheer. Can I tell you how much I love ultra fine glitter? I'm seriously going to have glittered the whole house by the end of the season.

We also priming for a VERY white Christmas here in New England... two snow storms last week and a predicted dusting turned into a day of fluffy white snow falling from above. Our first major storm of the season arrived last Thursday and workers took to the roads early for a safer commute home. Jason was on the road for 5 1/2 hours driving his regular 45 minute commute. We were very happy to welcome him to a toasty warm home.

So, visit again...we're back with lots of little goodies to share.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Matryoshka Ornaments

These little gals along with some of their friends are going to my show tonight. I designed the doll in Illustrator and then my right hand man, Jason, carved it out for me from a linoleum block. Did you do this type of project in school?... I made a zebra in 7th grade. I absolutely loved my art teacher. She was young, fun, a little quirky, totally relateable to an awkward 13 year old. One day she actually brought a whole bunch of her jewelry into class that she wanted to recycle and each of the girls got to pick out something for themselves. I picked a silver ring with three small turquoise stones in it. I still have that ring. As far as I was concerned, this teacher was sharing her precious jewels with us and I felt really special. Anyway, back to the print block...I then used a brayer to spread fabric ink on the block and stamped the design onto natural linen fabric. I then embroidered freehand flowers to dress her up a bit. The back of these stuffed ornaments features a Japanese import Matryoshka fabric...very cute.

I will also be taking orders for these gals until December 16th. They retail for $10 + $2 s&h. They make a perfect hostess gift, stocking stuffer or package decoration.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Embroidered Nataliyas & Wool Buttons

Some new Embroidered Wool Nataliyas will be making their debut at this weekend's show... designs are stitched free-hand, so each is one-of-a-kind. The Nataliyas are sewn from lambs wool coating fabric and would look delightful tucked under the arm of a vintage style wool pea coat...

Anthropologie Wish List

I just realized the other day that there is a wish list on the Anthropologie website ... brilliant! Of course, there should be a "select all" feature as everything in that store is just more beautiful and unique than the next, but here are the highlights on my wish list...

I am reallying loving birds right now and need to add a few to the sparrows already flitting around my kitchen walls...

Bird Watcher's Pillow, Neutral
(Paired with the following pillow on a comfy the ruffle and tweed)

Bird Watcher's Pillow, Rose
(Embroidery and Patchwork...something I would make if I had the time to indulge...)

blue finches dishtowel
(Have to have... really just not an option.)

counting birds wall art
(Delightfully fun...just noticed a set framed at my friend "Z's" house too! )

Racha Trivet
(Mmm...I can smell the pie cooling on this right now...)

retro kitchen timer
(I keep adding retro splashes to our kitchen...loving this retro red.)

nestling measuring cups
(Delightful colors...seriously can you bake without a set of these?)

mistral eau de parfume

Wild Blackberry (Purple): a heady cocktail of berries and grenadine topped with a dash of vanilla
(I try this one every time I visit their store...I'm sure I'm responsible for using at least half of the tester bottle!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Upcoming Events Calendar

Finally….I have a small batch of Irene Totes, Dorothy Clutches, Nataliya Silhouettes & Child's Wipe-Clean Aprons up in the Shop…

I have a lot going on in the Simply June studio, so if you don't see something you are looking for…don't hesitate to ask. We have lots of Fleur Bobbies, Embroidered Buttons, Embroidered Hair Ties, Magnets…just no time to photograph everything with so many upcoming shows…

So, stop by at one of our shows to say hi! & check out some new goodies that you won't even see in the shop until after the holidays...

Events Calendar

  • Saturday, November 17th • 9-4pm • Holliston Newcomers Club Craft Fair • Holliston High School • 370 Hollis Street • Holliston, MA

  • Tuesday, November 27th • 6:30-9pm • Private Show • Newton

  • Thursday, November 29th • 5-8:30pm • Ben-Hem Holiday Boutique • Bennett-Hemenway Elementary School • 22 East Evergreen Road • Natick, MA

  • Sunday, December 2nd • 10-4 • Celebrate Newton! • Newton South High School • 140 Brandeis Road • Newton Centre, MA

  • Thursday, December 6th • 6-9pm • Shed, Inc. Holiday Shopping Night • SHED Inc • 65 Phillips Street • Andover, MA 01810

  • Saturday, December 8th • 11-3pm • Cool and Groovy Holiday Craft Fair II • Peabody School • 70 Rindge Avenue • Cambridge, MA

  • Sunday, December 9th • 11-6pm • Holiday Arts Happening • DCU Center, Worcester • 50 Foster Street • Worcester, MA

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Holiday Art & Craft Faire

Stop by tomorrow and visit Simply June at the following event:

Saturday November 10th - 9:30 - 4:30pm
11th Annual Holiday Art & Craft Faire - Concord Scout House; 74 Walden Street; Concord, MA - more than 30 fine Artisians

Look forward to seeing you there!

Also check out some new holiday beauties making their debut at the show...

Holiday Dorothy Clutch

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I just received three acceptance letters for upcoming juried shows! Simply June will be at the Holliston Newcomer's Club Holiday Boutique on Saturday November 17th, Celebrate Newton! on Sunday December 2nd and Holiday Arts Happening at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA on Sunday December 9th. I'm so excited and also feeling a bit overwhelmed... However...

This was in my fortune cookie today..."As long as you don't sign up for anything new, you'll do fine."

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I usually get ones that say things like "You are hungry...order Chinese food now." (Seriously, I got one once...)

Stay tuned for more details...I'll be sending out a newsletter soon. Also, pop over to our mailing list to sign up for coupons that can be used at these events.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wipe-Clean Children's Aprons

I just finished a batch of children's aprons in polka dotty pink and polka dotty blue... very cute with a front pocket and wipe-clean for that messy little kid in your life... Aprons measure 17.5" x 13". They will retail for $15.00. If you want to add one to you holiday shopping list, send me an e-mail and I will set one aside for you. I will have some at the show on Saturday, but won't have time to add them to the web shop in the meantime.

Hope to see you all at the show on Saturday! Let me just say, my sewing machine is really looking forward to having the day off. :)

Saturday November 3rd - 10am-4pm
10th annual Arts & Artisans Craft Show
- Saturday November 3, 2007 from 10 am - 4 pm at The Morse Institute Library. Proceeds to benefit Kids Connect, Inc. Call 508-652-4211 for more info.
14 East Central Street; Natick, MA

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Fun...Station #7

Happy Halloween!...A quick post while the "boys" are out trick-or-treating. I'm currently head of candy distribution and "quality control" (a self-appointed, yet very important job). Kolya had a party at school today. Parents were invited to attend and it was fun to see him in his classroom setting. The teacher had set up 10 discovery stations throughout the room including a bat and ghost table (station 1) where you sorted through a large bin of shredded paper to collect little critters, how many pumpkins tall are you? (station 4), and pumpkin decorating (station 6). Kolya and I spent most of our time at Station 7... yes, folks...the snack table.

We stopped home for a quick nap and then were off to a party at the house of a classmate. This family really went all out with a huge buffet, pumpkin decorating, bobbing for donuts (donuts hanging from a string...brilliant), sidewalk chalk, homemade orange play dough, goodie bags etc. We had a fantastic time with friends on a perfect fall day...

Well, my little fire fighter should be back soon and ready to get into his fireman feetie pajamas. Happy Halloween!

New Simply June Business Cards

These sweet cards arrived via the post the other day. I'm loving my new business cards...if I do say so myself. A little vintage...a little retro cherry... some visual texture...they suit me.

I placed my order with Visa Print. I ordered a sample packet and it came directly. They have some of the best pricing out there as well as a good quality and some extra deals if you use the links that they send you...clever. Their site was easy to navigate and they show you a digital proof online that proved to be quite accurate. They also shipped fairly quickly (though I think I paid a bit more to expedite the process because I have some shows coming up). I ordered 1000 and they came packaged up neatly in boxes of 250. There really is nothing more delightful than a freshly printed stack of business cards...

Upcoming Events

Stop by and visit Simply June at some of these upcoming shows. I can't wait to see you there!

Saturday November 3rd - 10am-4pm
10th annual Arts & Artisans Craft Show
- Saturday November 3, 2007 from 10 am - 4 pm at The Morse Institute Library. Proceeds to benefit Kids Connect, Inc. Call 508-652-4211 for more info.
14 East Central Street; Natick, MA

Wednesday November 7th - 5:30pm
Fork It Over for Girl Scouts - Wednesday November 7, 2007 ; Doors open at 5:30pm at the C
ourtyard by Marriott; 75 Felton Street; Marlborough, MA

Join some of the region's best chefs as they cook up unique appetizers and desserts using Girl Scout Cookies as an inspirational ingredient! Each chef will present their masterpiece before a panel of judges in a vest-or-the-best competition. Then it's your turn to indulge! A silent auction and live musical entertainment will round out this exciting event. Tax deductible tickets are $25 each.

Check out the Silent Auction including a Nataliya Silhouette Bag, Fleur Bobbies and Floweret Pin from Simply June.

Saturday November 10th - 9:30am-4:30pm
11th Annual Holiday Art & Craft Faire
- Saturday November 10, 2007 from 9:30am - 4:30pm at the Concord Scout House; 74 Walden Street; Concord, MA - More than 30 Fine Artisians

Sign up on our Mailing List to receive coupons to these great events! Look forward to seeing you!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Vintage Wallpaper

I love all the details and textures of vintage wallpapers. We live in an almost 100 year old house and as we have done various projects we have found bits of wallpaper from years past. I love how wallpaper can really tell the history of your home. We have some great toile in our stairwell that I have to believe is original to the house. Bits of 60's era kitchen wallpaper can be seen behind a drain access in our first floor bathroom. I love bits of history tucked away in old homes. The first six papers pictured, I picked up from Nancy at the Creative Bazaar. But the final two show a great roll that I discovered stashed in the back corner of an attic at a recent estate sale. The home was located in an affluent town and was owned by a watercolor artist. She seemed to have dabbled in a bit of everything (a girl after my own heart). I started on the first floor and then made my way up to the second...finding a custom vintage dress form (you can see it in yesterdays post, but more on that another day) and then a pile of old sketch books and watercolor paper. I piled all of the books and papers in my arms and somehow made my way up into the attic area where I discovered the wallpaper. I finally found a spot to stash my finds and free my hands for more discoveries. I get so excited squirreling away my finds. Jason, however, is convinced that they love seeing me arrive to purchase all of the "junk" that no one else wants. What!?! That is just not possible...

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I'm so thankful for my friends and had the nice treat of dining with two of my dearest at "our place" last night. We try to go out to dinner every couple of months to celebrate life, friendship, birthdays, etc. We always go to the same restaurant where they have these great circular booth areas that are almost like having your own little room within the restaurant. The colors and lighting are cozy and inviting and the food and wine is just delectable. We catch up on each other's busy lives and listen to the good and the bad. The time together is safe and rejuvenating. We have also started the tradition of bringing little goody bags for one another...some gifts funny, some symbolic, favorite new lotions or scents, magazines with recipes to try and share, books that have moved or changed us...always something to remind us and tide us over to our next dinner...

I made one of my favorite skinny scarves for the girls. I forget now where the pattern is from, but posted about it a while back. So, here they are...maybe little reminders that I'm thinking of them...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vintage Handkerchiefs

I picked up these lovelies from Nancy at the Creative Bazaar the other week. I loved each of these for their colors, designs, cute edging...all delightfully pretty. Everything is so disposable these days...we use so many paper products in our daily lives. Paper towels instead of lovingly embroidered tea towels, boxes of tissues instead of personalized handkerchiefs, vinyl tablecloths replacing table coverings handed down by of course many a day I say thanks for disposable diapers! Now off to find a cute vintage style blouse with a pocket to tuck my vintage hankies...

Endless creating is happening in the Simply June studio... I have a batch of fleur bobbies in the making, stacks of tote bags cut and ready to be sewn. We have a big lineup of shows coming up. I'll be adding an Event button on the Simply June website soon. Make sure to sign up on our Mailing List to receive special coupons that can be used at our events as well as some online deals for your holiday shopping.

** Simply June's next show will be Saturday, November 3rd in Natick, Massachusetts.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Creative Bazaar

Last weekend we took a trip out to Hyannis, Massachusetts to join with some old friends and new ones for the Creative Bazaar. It was an incredible day of chatting and sharing with other crafters, designers and bloggers. I definitely want to introduce you to some really incredible women...

Simply June's table at the Creative Bazaar. I just found the great vintage coat rack while junkin'...perfect for displaying my new Irene totes and Nataliya bags.

Me with two lovelies .... Creative Bazaar hostess, Melba and Wish Studio's Mindy. It was so nice to see both of them again.

These earrings were a purchase from the delightful Sara at Irreverent Arts... These fun earrings feature vintage medical diagrams...clever! Some of Sara's other pieces are made using glass medical slides...tying here creative side with her medical background.

I treated myself to this lovely bird necklace from Irreverent Arts.

Melba created a really incredible day...bringing so many women together. Stop over are her blog to read more about what she hopes to do in the future...

I also got a chance to meet and catch up with Kari (Artsy Mama), Jes (Sweet Peas & Junque Revival), Nancy (Cedar Breeze Collectibles), Heidi (Birds of a Feather), Melissa (Yummy Goods) & Jana . Make sure to stop by the shops and blogs of these lovely ladies.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


It's official...after a marathon weekend of The Office, I am an official convert. I'm not sure what took us so long to jump on the bandwagon, but there is no going back now. A couple of weeks ago, we borrowed Season 1 from the library because frankly there wasn't much else available that day. We had watched bits of maybe two episodes in the past and frankly just didn't see what all the talk was about. It was sort of like watching a documentary of inside jokes and we just weren't the cool kids.

Anyway, so we popped the DVD in and committed ourselves to watching a few episodes without any judgement. We liked the first one and then the next...and then of course went into a panic when we realized there were only six episodes in Season 1. (Mad dash back to the library where I thankfully found Season 2.) I would say we were hooked at the end of the first season, but down right obsessed by the end of Season 2.

We finished Season 2 in about a week....I know what you are lack of commitment... A few days into watching the second season, I requested Season 3 from our library....however, still no word when we were done on Friday night. So, Saturday morning I checked all of the libraries in our network and we hopped in the Jeep and headed to Sudbury first thing. We headed straight for the DVDs,.. quickly scanned the shelf...It wasn't there! Just then, Jason and I both eye a boy of about 10 or 11 with OUR DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am seriously ashamed to say that I considered bribing the boy. He could not possibly have NEEDED that DVD as much as I did. So, back to the copy left in our library network about a half an hour away in Acton.

So, back to the Jeep and back on the road...thank you GPS...We made a dash into the library and went straight for the DVD wasn't there! Jason was able to compose himself enough to ask the librarian for help and she directed us to the rental section of more popular DVDs, so Jason, Nikolai and I ran back down the stairs (Nikolai was completely enjoying the hunt...even though he had no real idea what we were doing)...and there it was. I'm quite sure the box glowed as we approached and I snatched it up in my greedy, desperate little hands. We devoured Season 3 in just a weekend...I seriously need to get back to work...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We Like to Draw on Our Walls...

Drawing on the walls seems to be a natural childhood instinct... So, I painted a chalk board on our kitchen wall this weekend. Nikolai, Jason and I have been having fun drawing fire trucks, police cars and more. It is such a simple project and I was inspired by Lisa's kitchen backsplash and a new friend "Z's" kitchen cupboard. I also thought it looked great with my black and white photography and vintage typewriter. I added a red chair rail for a cleaner look and another bit of color. So, stop by for a visit and color on our walls!

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Creative Bazaar...Four Points by Sheraton, Hyannis, MA

We are keeping busy and gearing up for a number of shows this holiday season. Check out some of our great new designs in the SimplyJune online shop and stop by for a visit at one of our shows in the coming months. Our next show is Saturday, October 13th at the Four Points by Sheraton in Hyannis, MA. For more information and directions, visit the event website at Admission is free and Creative Bazaar goody bags will be given to the first 50 customers!

Sign up on our mailing list to receive a valuable SimplyJune coupon for this event!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Soldered Glass Pendant Necklaces

These unique glass pendant necklaces are now in the shop. They each feature my photography as well as vintage paper. All of the materials I use are lead-free. Take a peek and feel free to contact me if you are interested in a custom piece.

I'm working on stocking the shop for the holiday season. I am also lining up a number of local shows happening in the next few months. I will be listing those on the Simply June website soon. I hope you will all stop by for a visit!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Vintage Tablecloth Quilt

I know I've blogged about this beauty before, but this vintage tablecloth quilt if finally up in the Shop... I just love this one. The white is so crisp and the colors so vivid. I choose only tablecloths in the best vintage condition and this particular one is made from a very heavy woven cotton. I used natural 100% cotton batting and 100% cotton fabric for the backing. The entire piece is sewn by hand including the binding. I love the hand stitching as it adds a wonderful quality that just can't be replicated by machine. So, it is up in the shop now and sure to become a family keepsake.