Friday, October 26, 2007

Vintage Wallpaper

I love all the details and textures of vintage wallpapers. We live in an almost 100 year old house and as we have done various projects we have found bits of wallpaper from years past. I love how wallpaper can really tell the history of your home. We have some great toile in our stairwell that I have to believe is original to the house. Bits of 60's era kitchen wallpaper can be seen behind a drain access in our first floor bathroom. I love bits of history tucked away in old homes. The first six papers pictured, I picked up from Nancy at the Creative Bazaar. But the final two show a great roll that I discovered stashed in the back corner of an attic at a recent estate sale. The home was located in an affluent town and was owned by a watercolor artist. She seemed to have dabbled in a bit of everything (a girl after my own heart). I started on the first floor and then made my way up to the second...finding a custom vintage dress form (you can see it in yesterdays post, but more on that another day) and then a pile of old sketch books and watercolor paper. I piled all of the books and papers in my arms and somehow made my way up into the attic area where I discovered the wallpaper. I finally found a spot to stash my finds and free my hands for more discoveries. I get so excited squirreling away my finds. Jason, however, is convinced that they love seeing me arrive to purchase all of the "junk" that no one else wants. What!?! That is just not possible...

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