Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have a special day that we celebrate in the Simply June household on the day before Thanksgiving. Three years ago today, we first learned the name of our son Nikolai after months and months of the adoption process. His first Thanksgiving home, I wrote a special poem to share my thoughts with him and our families. I'm sure I've shared it here before, but I'll share it again because it is good to give thanks...

It was a year from today that we first heard your name
Saw your face
Heard your laugh
Allowed ourselves to dream...

In those days and weeks before we held you in our arms
Before we saw your face
Heard your laugh
Held you close and warm

We thanked God for His children
For the son he gave to us
Born half way around the world
Clearly meant for us

We thank God for you on this THANKSGIVING DAY
And we pray for the others that are still waiting today
That their forever families will soon hear their name,
See their face, hear their laugh and allow themselves to dream.

Also keep an eye out on the Simply June Etsy shop as I will be updating it in spurts throughout the weekend... there are already some new goodies in there now.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wellesley Marketplace 2008

If it's in my studio and I made it, I'm slapping a Simply June label on it for tomorrow's show! Sorry things have been so quiet on the Simply June blog, but these little hands have been sewing and have all but forgotten how to type.

Make sure to stop by and visit me at the Wellesley Marketplace from 9am - 4pm tomorrow. If you aren't in the area, tune in here next week for updates as I will start updating my Etsy shop for the holiday shopping season...

I have all kinds of exiting new products and designs including lap/baby quilts featuring the fabrics of designer Amy Butler, Embroidered Button Zipper Pouches featuring Japanese import fabrics and my own embroidered buttons, Oilcloth Totes...Zip Pouches...Bibs...Lunch Totes, a NEW tote bag design featuring a pairing of designer Amy Butler's home decor line and 100% natural linen fabric, new Original Simply June evening bags and more!

See you soon!