Thursday, November 15, 2007

Anthropologie Wish List

I just realized the other day that there is a wish list on the Anthropologie website ... brilliant! Of course, there should be a "select all" feature as everything in that store is just more beautiful and unique than the next, but here are the highlights on my wish list...

I am reallying loving birds right now and need to add a few to the sparrows already flitting around my kitchen walls...

Bird Watcher's Pillow, Neutral
(Paired with the following pillow on a comfy the ruffle and tweed)

Bird Watcher's Pillow, Rose
(Embroidery and Patchwork...something I would make if I had the time to indulge...)

blue finches dishtowel
(Have to have... really just not an option.)

counting birds wall art
(Delightfully fun...just noticed a set framed at my friend "Z's" house too! )

Racha Trivet
(Mmm...I can smell the pie cooling on this right now...)

retro kitchen timer
(I keep adding retro splashes to our kitchen...loving this retro red.)

nestling measuring cups
(Delightful colors...seriously can you bake without a set of these?)

mistral eau de parfume

Wild Blackberry (Purple): a heady cocktail of berries and grenadine topped with a dash of vanilla
(I try this one every time I visit their store...I'm sure I'm responsible for using at least half of the tester bottle!)


lgaumond said...

I love them all! I was just on Urban Outfitters today admiring the bird-themed household goodies there. Some great bird curtains and bird art... You should also search for "birdnerd" on Etsy. It's a shop called Bird Nerd - gorgeous bird prints and paintings. I'm a bad influence, aren't it?

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Oh, you're killing me! I'm in big trouble now. I love everything you picked too!