Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I have been working on coming up with some new labels for some of my designs. In the past I ordered some labels from a great company in Australia ( ). I am really happy with my white on black woven labels and they look good in both my handbags and hats, but I wanted something a little different for the dishtowels and aprons and other things I have in mind. I e-mailed a number of by favorite craft bloggers out there and contacted some companies, but didn't find exactly what I wanted or I should probably say the price that I wanted. I've tried a varitey of ways to make them on my own, but just have not had the result I wanted. Anyway, I finally came up with an idea that worked. I ordered a rubber stamp from Simon Stamps (! I was able to send a file of my logo and they made me a stamp for under $10! I then tried quite a number of brands of inkpads with varied success and ended up with a fabric paint pen which I color in my stamp with and then stamp on cotton twill tape. I let them dry overnight and then heat set them with my iron the next day and wahla! I have labels. I just made a batch yesterday which are going to be sewn into my dishtowels.

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