Sunday, June 11, 2006


I really enjoy planning parties and coming up with little details to make them unique and special. My dear friend's son just graduated from High School and they threw him a big party on Saturday. It had a carnival/boardwalk theme with a delicious varied menu highlighting Mexican cuisine. I made menus to place on each table to add some more color to the festivities. I used some great wrapping paper that I found in the clearance corner at the Container Store (now one of my favorite places to stop). I feel so organized in that store. How is it that you can pick up a few plastic containers and suddenly feel like you have accomplished something and that your life is going to have so much more order? Anyway, back to the party. I wanted to put together a graduation gift and had come up with the idea of a laundry theme. Somehow your life revolves around laundry in college. There is usually no time to do it and suddenly it seems much more logical to own 30 pairs of underwear and just go home once a month with your car full of laundry. I found a great article on how to do your laundry with some helpful tips - even I learned a couple of things. I adapted it a bit and made a little laminated booklet on a metal ring and put together some other helpful laundry products. How many stuffed bears holding diplomas and wearing a mortar board do you really need? Who designed the graduation cap any way?...

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