Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ArtBeat 2008

Zandra (Zeal) & I shared at tent at ArtBeat 2008 in Somerville. It was the first outdoor show for each of us and our first time setting up our new tent on our own. (We did a little trial run earlier in the week with a little coaching from the husbands and a couple glasses of wine to reduce stress...

Anyway, we decided to caravan to the event with the little British woman in my GPS system guiding us. She did a FABULOUS job getting us there, but then the confusion set in...driving around on blocked roads...shouting out our windows to try to find out where we were supposed to be...ignoring other cars honking at us for trying to drive by road barriers...you know a regular day in Boston traffic.

Anyway, we finally found our way in and were able to drive straight up to our assigned spot. We unloaded everything and found two great spots in a nearby parking lot and headed back to set up. We decided to tackle the tent first... yeah, maybe we should have brought our husbands... or some wine... I was crouched down on the ground setting up part of it, when I looked up at Z and was like "Does our spot smell like urine?" Oh, yeah... add a little 92 degree heat and that will wake you up in the morning. So, we decided that we need to start a book of favorite craft show quotes... to which we later added something along the lines of "I'm too sticky to sit on a toilet." But, maybe we should just keep those to ourselves.

So, we got our tent up and set up and as we would later find out there was a major screw missing in the structure of our tent and something was a bit wonky about the way we set it up. Fast forward to the end of the day when Z and I are trying to catch our flying merchandise... a 20 literally flew out of our cash box and across the street and we took turns holding one of the poles of the tent to stabilize it. But... despite all of that, we had an AWESOME day. There was tons of foot traffic and we met some really awesome people... caught up with old friends... and made new ones...

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