Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pattern Nostalgia

These delightful 50's & 60's vintage patterns arrived on my doorstop via eBay. I love all of the stylish designs and ohh those hairdos! Do you remember that pink hair tape they used to sell? Actually, I just Googled it and apparently a company called Beauty Mark still sells it (though I don't think they have spent any money on packaging design lately). It was this really light and mildly sticky tape that allowed you to curl your hair exactly how you wanted it and tape it to your face to dry!

One of my favorite things about vintage pattern finds are the little hand written notes regarding the homemaker's fabric choices, etc. The flowered number in front makes me want to make a pot roast and host a dinner party with Jason in an argyle cardigan serving Rob Roys...think Sissy Spacek in Blast from the that movie.

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lamplight designs said...

Oh, I love Blast From the Past! Haven't seen that in a while...need to rent it.

I found two pattern boxes full of vintage patterns a few months ago at different flea markets for $5...just love looking at them. And I plan to use a couple of them.