Thursday, January 11, 2007

Neapolitan Knits

It feels like a W.I.P. (work-in-progress) kind of day and I have pulled out a scarf that I have been working on since sometime last winter...or was it the winter before...Hmm. Well, nonetheless it is a W.I.P. that I hope to wear sometime this season! I love this combination of colors - chocolate, strawberry and vanilla - mmm...Neapolitan Ice Cream! Do you remember those little pats of ice cream they would serve in the school cafeteria? I remember bringing in my extra change for that delicious treat sandwiched between two little pieces of cardboard. Lunch itself was 70 cents. I remember always checking for my 2 quarters and 2 dimes. Our teacher would line us up and we would march down to the cafeteria. Our day revolved around what was on the menu. Would it be the mystery meatloaf or pizza day? If you were lucky enough to be first in line on pizza day, you could ask for a corner piece! Ahh,
the school lunch line. Remember "frontsies backsies"? Gosh, I hope this was not unique to the little world of my youth... Since cutting in line was not allowed, it was somehow acceptable to let your friend in front of you and then for them to let you ahead of them. What!?! Can someone explain this logic to me?

Well, hopefully some knitting will be accomplished on this cold blustery day. This print by the lovely Emily Martin from The Black Apple will inspire.


lamplight designs said...

That scarf does look yummy! Love the colors. Of course, now I want some ice cream! What yarn are you using?

Karen June said...

I too was tempted to delve into the freezer after that post. :) The scarf is being made from Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn. I think I'm using Blush Heather, Natural Heather and Mushroom. (Hmm, doesn't sound as yummy...)

lamplight designs said...

Thanks for the yarn brand. I've used Lion Wool, but not the Wool-Ease. But boy, I'm just loving those colors!(but you're right, that doesn't sound quite as yummy as 'chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry' would!) Thanks for adding me to your blog roll...I've added you to mine as well. Happy weekend!

sulu-design said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love the colors of this scarf - delicious! I'll be visiting again soon.