Thursday, September 21, 2006

Black & White

These new Nataliya bags are going into the SimplyJune shop tomorrow. I love these fabrics and especially the fun contrast of the black on white and reverse white on black. The first bag features an awesome Art Deco alphabet print that I just adore. These prints are great for every season and versatile with just about any color in your wardrobe. I may just give one to myself...

The Fall arrives on Saturday, but that crisp air arrived today. I bundled Nikolai up in a cute sweater and blue jeans today and went into Lexington to get my hair styled. Nikolai had a play date with Jason and spent some time tearing around his office and banging away at the keyboard. I basked in my hour of luxury at the salon. Don't you just love that light airy feeling when you walk out of the salon? Even just a trim can put an extra bounce in your step.

I'm working away here in the studio and have some new hats that will be ready for the shop soon and some other surprises too!

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