Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Acorns, String and Other Things

This weekend we dropped by an Estate Sale run by a local Antique Shop. Estate Sales are usually held on both Saturday and Sunday and sometimes even start on Fridays. My favorite, Franklin Street Antiques, holds theirs on Saturday and Sunday and they mark their prices in half on Sunday afternoon. This of course is my favorite time to go. You have to be willing to go through the leftovers of the sale, but the prices are unbeatable and the crowds are gone. One of my favorite aspects of an estate sale is getting to see the inside of another house. Many of the houses in our area are quite old and I love all of the details and nooks waiting to be explored. Often these houses have been lived in for years and though they need work, many of the original details are there. Jason finds estate sales depressing - usually a life has ended and he finds it sad to sift through others' personal belongings. I see this side to it, but I also see the silver lining of goods recycled and a new person to love them.

My recent finds are this great string dispenser made from heavy iron. One bolts it to a wall and the cone of string is unraveled and dispensed through the ring on the end. I think this will likely go in my studio. The scale of this photograph I'm sure is quite confusing as the pan is just a miniature version perhaps for tea cakes and the Acorn Tea Steeper is one of the largest I have ever seen. I have a small collection of these now after see a Martha Stewart article suggesting they be filled with Lavender and Bath Salts and steeped in the tub. This one is the perfect size for that. The original use of course is for containing loose tea to be placed in either a teacup or probably in this case a teapot. Most have a metal chain and hook attached so that they can be pulled out when the tea is done. This one is missing its chain, but delightful non the less.

I promise there is much work going on at SimplyJune and I hope to upload more goodies to the site by the end of the week.

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