Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Website Updates - Mailing List

Every once in a while I just have to share a new artist that I have found. Emily Martin from Inside a Black Apple is one of the most unique and imaginative artists I have found doing her crafty thing in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has a sweet and sometimes haunting quality and I can't help but be drawn to these beautiful dolls she has begun making lately. The faces are handpainted and the dolls a so beautifully detailed down to their Mary Jane shoes and recycled wool sweater or hand painted dresses. I'm desperate to own one.

On a SimplyJune note, I have made a few updates to the website with many more to come. I have updated the "Customer Service" section to better describe my shipping policies and have lowered my shipping rates to compensate for some of the lower priced items I have added to the website lately. I have also added a Mailing List form. Simply fill it out and press Send and you will be on the SimplyJune mailing list. You can expect periodic updates about what is going on at SimplyJune as well as some extra goodies along the way. Sign up now and tell a friend!

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