Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Glass Photo Mirrors

I made these two pocket mirrors and fabric cases as little gifts for my girls night out the other night. I made these using the same technique as the necklace. I cut the glass to match the 3 x 3 mirror tiles that I picked up at my local craft store. These two feature some of my photography...

I was surprised at how relatively easy it is to cut glass. For some reason it has been a skill that has intimidated me. The tools needed are rather inexpensive and include a cork-backed ruler, grease pencil, safety goggles ($4.39 at Dick Blick), glass cutter ($3.95 at Dick Blick) and scorer/breaker($9.56 at Dick Blick)...I prefer using a separate glass cutter. I like to work on a small carpet mat as it allows for the right amount of give for scoring the glass. For larger pieces, I just turn over my glass after scoring, fold the mat over and apply a bit of pressure to break along my score line. Sheet glass can be easily found at your local hardware store, but also look out at yard sales or in your basement for unused frame glass and recycle!

The best source I have found for soldering materials is actually Etsy. Check out Stained Glass * Mosaics * Collage Jewelry Art SUPPLIES. They also offer great instructions and will answer any questions you have once you begin working with the materials. They carry lead free solder, which is very important when making jewelry. I already owned a soldering iron, but ordered Canfield SILVERGLEEM, a burnishing tool, locking tweezers, lead-free flux paste, glass rectangles (they carry nice thick glass perfectly sized for pendants), flux and patina remover, block of Sal Ammoniac and flux brushes. I would also highly recommend a small vice that you can attach to your work surface. The glass heats quickly and it is nice to have your work held in place while you solder.

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