Friday, August 03, 2007

Floweret Pins

Some days I seriously need an assistant. I can barely keep my life in order. I think I would get so much more done if I had someone to tell me what to do, where I was supposed to be, etc. Pre-toddler I was totally on top of things...well mostly, but it was a lot easier to fudge things back then. I'm thinking this assistant would have a pretty easy job. I'm eager to please. Then on the other hand, they would probably start nagging and well...I'd have to fire them. Scratch that idea.

Nikolai and I drove out to Hudson today to do a little thrifting and antiquing. Lots to see and experience, but nothing made its way home with us. We took a nice long stroll along Main Street, window shopping along the way. We took a quick stop in a sweet little Italian bakery only to find that they could not make change for my $20. What!?! We strolled back to the Jeep to hunt for loose change only to come up short. Our raspberry twist and coconut puff still sitting on the counter... how sad.

Well, there are some new Floweret Pins in the shop. They have been blooming around the studio and were just a bit camera shy until now...

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