Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Purses: Pretty in Pink

I have been working on designing a new purse for SimplyJune - just the right size to be used every day. I love a purse with one strap that tucks right under the arm and here it is. I have made a few small design changes along the way from my initial concept and I think I have found that perfect balance of pretty and practical. This cutie is on its way as a belated birthday present..., but look for more in the SimplyJune shop soon. I have ordered a nice palette of fabrics and some may feature vintage buttons and trim. You will have to wait and see...

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lgaumond said...

Hi Karen- I've been keeping up with your blog far a while now and wanted to say hi from CT! I like to read and see what you've been doing and how you're doing with the new babe.

I also have to say I WANT THAT PURSE! That purple one on this post - it's awesome. Make some more and maybe we can finally arrange for a swap.

I have a bunch of new jewelry and some artwork available. If you want to check it out, go to my blog (by clicking on my name or picture) and on the sidebar there's "Visit Lisa's Studio" (that's the artwork) and "Jewelry by Lisa Gaumond". those links will take you to my Etsy shops.

Thanks for blogging, it's like socially acceptible snooping - I love it!