Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Candlelit Evening - Part III

Now this is just getting ridiculous. The transformer blew yet again on our street, which has suddenly become a hoppin' place on a hot summer night. Jason ran to the basement this time to flip off the circuit breaker as we still had a bit of electricity literally buzzing through our wires. This time we flew out of our homes in droves looking to see what on earth could have happened this time. As we stood on the sidewalk we were rewarded with firework type display as wires popped and snapped and burned. After we all exchanged our plesantries, we wandered back to our dark homes to light candles and ponder yet again what people did before electricity. Here's hoping for a well lit evening!

As you can imagine, I haven't been getting much done in the evenings, but I have been busy working on a number of gifts and ideas for SimplyJune. I promise to share soon!

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