Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Stitched Portfolio

I have been busy in the studio putting together my portfolio for an upcoming juried show deadline. I actually need to have it in the mail tomorrow and the show is not until November! I'm used to having to think ahead, but this one is really keeping me on my toes. I have been working on tear sheets for my portfolio that I can mix and match for different applications, but I wanted something unique to present my work in. Z came up with the idea of sewing a cover for my portfolio and then it sort of evolved from there. I love how it turned out and I think I might need to whip up a cute cover for my day planner now.

I have many other little projects in the works and I am so thankful to be back to sewing now. I also had the treat of getting to listen to an interview with my ultimate crafting icon over a Craft Sanity this week. It is so inspiring to listen to the thoughts of a like minded crafty soul...someone who really recognizes the NEED to create. Pop over for a listen if your so inclined...

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karen beth said...

I love this portfolio cover that you made. The colors you choose are perfect - they go so beautifully together!