Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ahhh, Back to my Creative Life...

All of my time and creative energy has been going into the Multicultural Fair that I have been Co-Chairing this year. The event finally arrived this past Saturday! It was really a great day and we had a very nice turnout. So many of our friends came to celebrate too and that made the day even more special to me. I was able to try out a little of my gourmet creativity on Friday by baking for the fair. I made Vietnamese Almond Cookies, Chinese Egg Tarts, Russian Tea Cookies and Guatemalan Cookies featuring a creative mix of chocolate and cayenne pepper!

I have so many ideas for the coming months and hopefully some juried shows coming up this summer. I have been stockpiling new fabrics and ideas all anxiously waiting to be realized. Stay tuned for some fun needle felted flowers, appliqued dish towels and embroidered patchwork pouches!

I have have also been doing a little bit of painting to relax. I am not particularly good at it, but gosh do I really enjoy it and my little wonky "masterpieces." :)

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