Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Swallows in Flight

I'm not sure from where my recent swallow obsession stems, but a small flight of swallows is now swooping through my kitchen. I used the same vintage illustration as for my embroidered dish towel to make these. I printed out the illustration in different sizes and flipped the image horizontally for a few. I then ironed a piece of heat and bond to a piece of black dupioni silk, peeled off the backing and ironed my swallow illustration to the back side. Then, I cut out the silhouettes and applied them to my wall using Mod Podge. (Liquid starch would be good for a less permanent solution.) I adore birds individually and envy their freedom of flight. Flocks of birds on the other hand send shivers up my spine. However this silk version seems to have a calming effect...

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lamplight designs said...

I love your swallows! That's a fun word to say...swallows.

I know what you mean, though. I've been all about dragonflies here lately.

I love the red chair, too.