Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hazy, Hot and Humid

We are back from a lovely week visiting my Gram in Florida. Each day's weather forecast included a wild thunder and lighting storm, but those would pass and we had lots of time to enjoy the hazy, hot and humid weather! We were shocked daily by the humidity as we left the house. There is a certain sluggishness to one's walk in that kind of humidity. Of course, this did not slow Nikolai down one bit as he investigated every inch and crevice in the yard and had fun chasing after lizards and toads. I could never live in this climate, but it was a lot of fun for a little boy. Jason has vowed never to live in a climate where moss grows hanging off the trees i.e. Spanish Moss. I like it much better in my floral arrangements too.

Our trip was full of a lot of little adventures including our trip back. I pretty much go with the flow on travel days and figure if a plane is cancelled or delayed it was meant to be. But, traveling with an almost 3 year old takes away a little bit of that adaptability. Nikolai was a real trooper though as a direct flight turned into two flights and our arrival time in Boston changed from 10pm to 2am. On our leg from Jacksonville to Atlanta, an announcement was made just as the crew was about 2 rows ahead of us serving drinks and peanuts. We were experiencing some turbulence as we began our decent and cart service was going to be cancelled. They were terribly sorry for any inconvenience. I was having a moment where I was terribly sorry to be sitting with a 3 year old who I had promised juice since takeoff. Now, I'm not one to break the rules. I hate to be scolded and am still reeling from being pulled over by a cop in 1997 (minor one-way street mix-up). But, motherhood and well, thirst can be great motivators. As the flight attendant finished her announcement, I unbuckled my seat belt (mind you, completely disregarding the "fasten seat belt" sign) and dove forward two aisles to the cart and grabbed the only thing within my reach... a bottle of water. Now for some reason, it just didn't occur to me that there was a planeload of people behind me who were my captive audience. So, before my back end hit my seat, cheers arose including a woman who shouted "You GO girl!" I was MORTIFIED! (Signing off now as reliving this moment has cause decreased cabin pressure.)

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Karin said...

I loved your story. You definitely made me laugh and I needed that. I can't wait to hear more about your trip. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend. And by the way I am super jealous of your gorgeous pictures. My pics now look like crap. YOU GO GIRL!