Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wish Studio Indie Designer Boutique Show

Last Saturday I spent a delightful day with fellow designers at The Wish Studio in Beverly, MA. Mindy invited an incredibly talented group of indie designers to her studio for its debut weekend. Mindy made each one of us feel so welcome as well as everyone who stepped foot in her studio. A room of new faces quickly felt like a room of old friends. I am convinced that everyone who enters her studio will have this same experience.

Visit some of my new friends:

heather and kerry alice of twigs and heather
kris of relaxation works
melanie of just be
casey, of grow wild
heidi, of hkw design and birds of a feather
Jes Berry, of Junque Revival & Sweetpea's
Nina Beana, of The Whole Self

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by my booth and had so many kind words and stories to share. Special congrats to "S" who won our raffle. Your SimplyJune handbag is on its way!

*photos by Mindy


wish studio said...

so wonderful connecting with you...and i didn't even know it was your birthday! happy belated bday karen. such a pleasure having your smile and inspiration in the room :) hope we see each other soon.

heidi said...

hi june, so lovely to meet you! love your beautiful handcrafted wares - my daughter's math teacher bought your hairclips and loves them, and they looked super cute on her too! xo