Friday, June 15, 2007

The Clouds Have Broken...

Sunshine is finally gleaming through the both literal and figurative clouds of this week. I am so happy to see Friday! I am so ridiculously affected by the weather...which I'm sure I have mentioned a million times before. I should really live somewhere like the Bahamas where there are clear skies and moderate temperatures year round. I thrive best in a very controlled environment. I'm not at all fond of bugs, sweat, the aforementioned clouds, rain, pollen, dirt, etc... sad I know. Jason and I went to EMS this week to get backpacks for a few trips we have planned this summer. The clerk asked us if we had a frequent shopper card. Ha!

Most of my studio time this week was spent ordering supplies and working on some new ideas. I'm working on a small line of altered clothing, which includes this hand embroidered sweater. I drew the bird and then used a heat transfer pencil to transfer the outline to this sweater. I then added the flowers and french knots freehand.

Happy Friday! We ended up canceling our trip to Renegade, but are sending good wishes to all of our crafty friends there this weekend!

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