Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ready for Market...

These Dorothy Clutches are on their way to the show on Saturday... Created with a variety of silks... featuring a detachable flower pin, strong magnetic clasp and a three interior pockets perfect for your credit cards, cash and a classic shade of lipstick... The Dorothy Clutch will retail for $35.


Jes said...

OK...I'd like to direct everyone to the all rose colored clutch in the photo. It's mine, Mine ALL MINE! hehe.

I absolutley love it...and my groovy little bobby pins too!! It was so nice to meet you! I plan on posting a little later about our weekend, and I'll be sure to mention my FABULOUS clutch! (so well made!!)

I may have to grab one of your photos to show off the clutch! Hope this is OK.....I left my camera in Beverly At the restaraunt...didn't discover this until I got all the way home to Maine!

I'll definetly be back! xoxox

~Jes Berry

Diana Coronado said...

heyy those are nice!!
Nice blog!!
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