Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Vintage Button Swap

I finally got a chance to photograph the wonderful goodies I received from the lovely Nicole in a recent Vintage Button Swap. This was my first swap and I was just BLOWN AWAY by Nicole's generosity and creativity as well as everyone who posted photos on the FLIKR account (I've got to figure out how to do that). She made all of the cute little paper envelopes containing the buttons. She also included some beautiful fabric from my favorite designer, Amy Butler. There was also a cute cute cute little apple and pear tray that I am currently using to hold some of my embroidery threads and needles while I make embroidery covered buttons. I am in love with the decal. I love that it is in the original package labeled 19cents (Am I missing something or is there no cent sign on a keyboard?) Hmmm, anyway the decal is sure to adorn something in my kitchen soon. Every button is so utterly beautiful and unique. And they are all MINE! :) I'm a little giddy today... So, silly me sent off my first swap package and I made a cute little travel sewing kit with the vintage buttons sewn into it. But, I just had no idea how much other fun stuff people send in addition to the swap, so a second package is on its way to Nicole. I get a redo right? Now that I have the hang of this swap thing, I am surely hooked. I've already signed up for an international vintage craft book swap. Hee, hee, hee....

Yummy Yummy colors and ooh, cherries!

19 cents (There is no cents sign - I Googled it on the chance that I'm going blind!)

Ooh, sparkly. I can't wait to use these. Just look at all the detail in the largest black button!

Pretty envelopes and bity pretty trim!

Thank you Nicole! Oh, and the Cram Cream tape on the box - so cute.

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