Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Embroidered Buttons

I think I have mentioned that I have been doing some embroiderey lately. I learned how to do this as a child, but really needed a refresher. My Mom came up for a visit recently and we went through some of the basic stitches together. I forgot how much I love to embroider and especially freeform. I have always liked to cross stitch, but find it tedious to check the pattern and then skip all around with one color of thread only to forget what I was doing and go back to the pattern and then back to counting again and on and on and on. It is so nice to sit down with a blank "canvas" and design as you go. I have added these fun button sets to the SimplyJune shop. They are so much fun to add to your favorite knit sweater or to embellish your clothing, handbags, ponytail holders, bobbypins, etc. Each set of three comes wired to a cute card with the SimplyJune logo. They are the perfect little thank you gift to have on hand and easy to pop in a little bubble mailer for a cheery hello.

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