Sunday, October 09, 2005

Finally Blogging!

I have been wanting to put a blog together for a while, so I have a backlog of photographs and ideas that I want to post here. This is mostly as a record for myself so that I can keep track of my ideas and materials, but maybe others can get their own ideas or see some of the fun new items making their way to the Simply June store.

I took a trip recently to Boston's Chinatown to shop at my favorite fabric store - Winmil Fabrics. They are located on Chauncy Street if you are in the area. They have beautiful fabrics and you can always find something new. The photo below shows my recent haul. I've got to get better at lighting my photographs because this photo just doesn't do the colors justice.

I have also been having some fun on Ebay recently. I have been purchasing a variety of vintage buttons to embellish the bags and hats. Here are some recent finds.

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