Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Our neighbor rang us this afternoon to tell us about a bird's nest that had fallen into her yard. Thankfully it's feathery occupants had already moved out. Kolya and I padded over to her yard in our bare feet to inspect her find and she let us take it home! Kolya and I have plans of painting some rock "eggs" for out nest at the beach next week... In the meantime my new little embroidered bird sachet from Anthro might occupy it for a bit... (The place mat an birdie are a part of my birthday goodies from my dear friend Monica. Thank you M!)

Another order of zippers arrived at my door today. I have bunches of zip pouches in the works for Artbeat in July and I can tell how quickly that date is going to sneak up on me. Make sure to mark July 19th in your calendars and come and pay us a visit. I will be sharing a booth with Zandra from Zeal and we both have some new goods to share! Sign up on the SimplyJune mailing list if you haven't already to make sure you receive a special postcard invite in the coming weeks...

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