Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"My Oprah" is Getting Married!

Well I have shouted it to every corner of the greater Boston area...so why not blog about it too? "My Oprah" is getting married! O.k. so if you've stopped by before, you know that "Oprah" is my dearest friend Carey... my best friend... my Oprah-Gail. And, no offense to the intelligent, talented, devoted Gail, but hey...we both wanted to be Oprah. So, now we are each other's Oprah-Oprah and she has asked me to be her "Oprah of Honor" in her wedding! I am so beyond honored and excited and want to shout it out...Congrats to Carey and her "Renaissance Man" Tim! (The guy is smart, funny, artistic, handsome and built his own kayaks!)

Here is a peek at the wedding monogram I designed for them...

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