Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Look What I Found Under the Christmas Tree

Jason and I decided to share our Christmas present this year and bought it for ourselves a little early. Our new Cannon digital SLR camera arrived yesterday and is quite photogenic. :) We took some shots with it last night and it is incredible. I am so excited to take the next round of product photographs with it for SimplyJune. Having so much more control over focus and lighting adds so much more depth to the photographs. I actually studied photography in college as an Art Minor, but have just fallen into the rut of using my point and shoot digital and doing my best to improve lighting and color in Adobe Photoshop. I have been pleased for the most part with my results and certainly would only use a digital camera for my website photos because of cost and ease. However, there is really a limit to what I could do with my previous camera. I will have to say that the best advice I can give when taking product photos is to get yourself a nice lightweight tripod and turn off your flash. I also use the timer on my camera for taking photographs so that I can step away from all lighting (so as to not cause shadow) and not move the camera while actually taking the photo.

I really enjoy taking product photographs and styling the photos - also a great exuse to to go to auctions and antique malls. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before, but if you are in the Boston area you must check out The Massachusetts Antique Cooperative in Waltham. They are a really nice antique mall with over 125 dealers tucked away in an old factory building. This is the perfect destination for a rainy afternoon - though I would definitely go without little ones. You could literally browse for days in this place before you had explored every nook and crannie and discovered your favorite treasures.

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