Monday, December 05, 2005

Vintage Hand Stitched Evening Purse

I had to include a picture of this wall art that my friend Elizabeth recently gave to me. The handle reads "Vintage hand stitched evening purse". It's perfect! I love the combination of a rough sketch, a finished pattern and a whimsical handle composed of words. It's found its perfect place in my studio. I actually recently moved my studio to a larger room in our house and am finding it to be a much more productive space. I have four large tables in a U shape holding my computer, printer, TV :), tabletop ironing board, sewing machine and cutting mat. Until this point, I would run into one room to work on my website (office), another to cut material (dining room) and yet another to sew my bags (guest room). My house is not that large... It brings me to my husband Jason's architectural school days when we would have bass wood soaking in our bathtub so it could be shaped for models. At that time we were living in a tiny apartment in Brookline that was not much bigger than one of his models. :)

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