Friday, September 14, 2007

Woven Garment Labels

Our new labels arrived from Fancy Weaver! As a small indie business you really have to pinch your pennies when it comes to custom labels, packaging, etc. On the other hand, it is so important to portray a unified look and quality in both your work and branding. I know woven garment labels are the topic of many blog posts that I read...along with many great tutorials on making your own. When I first started Simply June, I searched high and low on the internet and finally found a company in Australia that would do short runs of black labels with white text (a rarity for some reason in short run options). I was generally happy with my labels and the price, but had limited font choices. In our case, Simply June in its specific font with 'June' italicized is our logo. So, from there I decided to make my own labels and had a custom rubber stamp made. I used fabric ink on twill tape, heat set it and then treated the cut edges for fraying. I was actually really happy with the result, but the time consuming process of making them was discouraging. So, back to my search... I then stumbled upon Fancy Weaver on Ebay... 200 labels, any font, black with white text, heat cut, $35 and no shipping! What did I have to lose? They just arrived the other day and my next order is sure to be much bigger. They are high quality, nicely packaged and the company is great at communicating and sending proofs. Spread the word!

New Nataliya - Silhouettes in the shop soon!

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lgaumond said...

Gorgeous bags (and labels)! I love black and white accessories.